photo used in 'fair use'

Thank you Jan Irvin. Best Christmas present ever myself. Had to be serendipity too; to have found this two-hour video at YT that has enabled me to pass my sick time through the 'holly-daze' as "time well spent." The film lifted my spirit ...and has blown my mind, as well. But everything about the annual celebration makes so much more sense to me I think I'll be more enthusiastic about its approach year. Shhh! :p

Yes, The Mysterious Origins of Christmas- Sure explains Christmas links to Astrology, historical allegory, the red white and black of Santa, reindeer 'special' diet, ho ho ho holy Moses and so much more. Got you wonderin'??? You betcha, eh. Not the best of quality re video post production, but after all, it appears to have been filmed in a kitchen or some small intimate venue at a neighbourhood 'health food' store. But listen and you'll soon be glad you did, I did ..and was and am now grateful for sitting through it.

You can watch it at YT or use the 'full screen' option and have a good gawk right here. Here's the embedded two hr kitchen flick of Jan Irvin that I guarantee will forever enhance and/or simply open your mind to change your "point of (conditioned) view" about what you really know regarding the Mystical Magic of Yuletide.

Psst, thank you eric dubay for source to image of 'shrooms on top.!
(click image, visit Eric's awesome site, please.)

Anywho good friends and neighbours; all the best in the coming year.

Love is always!

:>> xx