Had contacted authorities in Public Housing for the "Halifax Regional Municipality" or "HRM" (known by that 'moniker' since its amalgamation with the city of Dartmouth across its infamous harbour along with the urban and rural areas surrounding the old port cities.) several times, had spoken to many, reached almost to the top, once; but eventually, to no avail. Guess I had to go "Public" to get actual attention to the conditions endured, without 'housing.' Pun inteneded.

However, 'where' the issue I'm about to disclose matters not where the city is found on a map, could be anywhere there's incompetence, I suppose; though it IS within the city where I live that the issue mentioned in the title of this post is taking place.  An issue of tremendous importance to we tenants living here. I'm speaking, of course, our senior's Manor situated in the Northend of old Halifax, on a street by the name of the city's founder; someone causing as much contention and bandied about in 'news' and political circles as I hope will become of what I am about to reveal.

This issue I'm concerned about is much more personal than who, when, where, what, and why the contentious name of the city's founder, Edward Cornwallis is meted out here and around the province on street signs, public schools, government buildings, parks, etc.; nor even the name of a town and former naval base in the gorgeous Annapolis Valley on the west side of our beautiful province of Nova Scotia, which it is.

No, my issue is with the incompetence (and arrogance; maybe fibs???) of the "Property Management" of our Public Housing's unit of the "Gordon B. Isnor (Seniors') Manor" located on Cornwallis Street in the "Northend" of 'ye olde city of Halifax, Nova Scotia's provincial 'Capital,' located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean on the east coast of Canada. (for all you folk who may not know or heard about our infamous city noted globally for the "Halifax Explosion" of 1917).

But I digressed; I've a habit of wandering off the rails when striving to pen details regarding an issue. My bad!

Anywho, we have had many problems with life at the GBI Manor; it's an older structure that has been known to have had 'asbestos' used in its structure for insulation and retarding fire should one break out. But, that's not my current issue either; although it's definitely one still needing address. I'll hold off on that for another day. Wandered again; shhh!

My current personal issue (along with 'all' tenants whether they own up to it or not because most are too shy, gullible and/or simply afraid about 'rocking the boat,' as it were) is concern of the ongoing presence and dreadful consequences, physical and mental, of the dreaded "BED BUG" of which there are countless nests of them living in the walls of this building whose off-spring crawl creepily from hiding and infiltrate apartments , especially via laundry facilities throughout the structure, from where they infest clothing, eventually brought to bedrooms and closets and placed in furniture where they're left lurking in clothes awaiting to be worn, in dirty laundry, in crevices of beds and mattresses and furniture and books and electrical outlets ...well, you get the horrific picture, yes?

And, in relation to this building; why else would a professional 'extermination' company have been hired to spray myriad rental units throughout the building twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays, for years already. Well, for the nearly three years that I've been a tenant, at least; but I'd finally realized after talking to tenants that had been greatly affected after having lived in the building for a very long time. They're disgusted and tired of the 'same ole, same ole,' as well. But, afraid to speak up. Not I, never was; hopefully, shall never be.

"Fear reverses all intelligent processes!" (quote by Leland T Powers' from his text, "Principles of Expression!")

All seemed well in my unit for the first while until a year or so after I'd moved in, the spring of 2011; that is, except for the Laundry Room. Wait a sec, I've a photo taken soon after I'd arrived at the GBI Manor. Which I can show you; along with myriad others I've already uploaded along with videos at YouTube. It was unbelievable.

Broken wall in GBI Manor Laundry Rm- 2011

Mended wall-GBIManor-Nov-20131


Of course, I called 'housing' and tried to lodge a complaint. Even then I'd found out how slack and/or unconnected the inner workings of housing 'staff'' were with the issues confronting tenants in our Manor.

You see, in my professional life, I'd been a 'dancing choreographer' (mainly Tap Dance) which awarded me with an ability to 'dance through life,' as it were; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8. Repeat. haha Everything I do, I relate that way and make no excuses for not doing things, not only rhythmically; but, to the best of my ability. I expect the same of every professional, regardless of 'metier.' When I go to a dentist; I expect to be ordered to have my teeth cleaned before any actual dental work is done; you??? Of course, you do; else, you're not seeing a qualified professional.

Same goes for the 'pros' running housing, right? WRONG!!! Here in the fax, am not sure if it's nepotism or what, but the "Property Manager" of our Manor, for example, hasn't a clue when it comes to attacking one of the main sources of this "Bedbug" issue terrorizing all of us in this building. We've been living out of plastic bags for ages due to the never ending bites and infestations of the nasty 'blood-sucking' varmits that continually attack each and everyone of us at one time or another.

So, if you were competent, wouldn't you begin by, at least, expecting and making sure the laundry rooms on each floor of the building were 'bedbug free zones' for folk washing their infected clothing in the laundry machines, washers & dryers?

As you'll see if you visit the link to my video via clicking on the second photo above; you 'll need no further reason for my disgust with 'management' as well as for those dastardly creatures of which I dare not reveal a photo. They're much too disgusting to offer anyone's eyes, yes? If you must see what bedbugs look like, you may bravely open the following enbedded link to find the information outside this blog domain.

May as well visit ORKIN FOR ANSWERS ON BEDBUGS; they're the outfit that have been spraying here since I moved in.  It's not intended as a plug for the company, but am grateful for their service. We all are, methinks.

Thanks Robert; especially helping out with the removal of my 'infected' and heavy old couch needing removal from my apartment when 'maintenance' had refused me help, "you're able bodied" I was told, without giving me a second thought because I'd spoken up excusing myself from ill-preparedness when the 'sprayers' arrived, even though they'd been told I was terrbily weakened by the recent bout of phneumonia I'd survived. I didn't mention that along with my recent illness, I'd been coping all along with asthma, COPD, hemochromatosis, mental and physical fatigue, to name a few of the personal medical issues I endure daily.

There will be follow up to this post ...to be sure. Am resting this case for a short while to see if the above gets any reaction out of 'housing.' However, would love to hear from interested media and bloggers with queries regarding what else is lurking within this operation unfolding around habitation here; as well as informing the 'general Public' about what is and not being done to afford decent housing .for we lower income Seniors living in Public Housing. Revolting, yes?

You saw the video??? Horrifying, yes? I'd cleaned it all up, except repairing the wall, via using my trusty Dyson to suck up that filth I'd found early Saturday morning, the 23rd of November. I sent the video's link to the "authorities" while it was still "unlisted" at YouTube; now, it's linked in social media; my own. That'll stir them into action. Yes? Hope so; but if not, for back up, there's this post. I had warned the heads of housing I'd go public;  but, like needed repairs around here, promises were made, then ignored! There must be someone competent to properly maintain this property; a real PROPERTY MANAGER. If only the present one had contacted his staff posing this simple question:  "Did you check the upkeep of the laundry rooms on each floor? Clean the gathered lint and dirt from the floors under the old machines after removing them and before installing the 'new' washers and dryers? A laundry room is 'BEDBUG CENTRAL' for further infestations, you aught to know."

But 'nada, nope, un-uh, nah, wasn't that astute about the situation, I suppose. The laundry room on my floor remained the same before and after the instillation of the new machines and the room's back wall? It still remains unfinished. Has been like that for years. Why didn't maintenance do something about it?. Oh, guess they were waiting for a proper 'manager' to instruct them to 'complete the job.' 

My query, that nags at my conscientious discerning mind, however, is: how did the current so-called "Property Manager" merit the job post of 'manager' in the first place? Must have lied on his application about his experience and competence, I guess. Obviously, there's a lack of competence. I think I may know the 'who' from 'where, and 'when;' but I'm still uncertain about 'what' (was on his application , maybe?) nor 'why' he had been hired? Isn't one properly screened, especially for a position that affects so many tenants in this city. Rhetorical!

But "the jury is still out" on that query, if you get my drift. So that is all I'll say for now. Stay tuned for more in the coming weeks. There's still the 'asbestos' issue. And, of course, the issue of tenants treated as if criminals by security checking picture ID's of our 'guests' after 9pm, even though we're the ones who must go downstairs to allow them entrance to the building. Authorities making decisions certainly haven't thought that one through. We seniors deseve better than this. Indeed; there will be more. Be well and have a safe and happy holiday season. We'll do our best to try.